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Utilising video conferencing during the school holidays

  94% of people believe they work better when working from home. And yet, for any work-at-home parent, the school holidays are inevitably stressful – a balancing act of paperwork and childcare that’s always difficult to manage. Although many parents make the choice to work from home (whether full-time or just for the holiday periods) in order to spend more time with their kids, it can prove difficult to establish a comfortable sense of work/life balance. Video conferencing software enables parents working at home to stay connected to their colleagues, employers and clients, without compromising on time spent with their children. Kids do not make it easy to focus on work. Their excitement over the holiday period especially can make closing the home office door much more difficult than you might have anticipated.  The best way to try and find this balance is simply to work with what you have. By working around the children’s schedules you can allocate time to complete your work when you’re sure they won’t disturb you. Setting out a time for a conference call during their daily nap time is a good way of keeping up to date with ongoing projects whilst based away from the office, and you can be fairly sure you won’t be interrupted. Preparing your room for a conference call is an essential step for anyone, and even more pressing when working at home. Before a conference call, double check that your background (which everyone present in the conference call will be seeing shortly) is clear of any children’s toys or clothes. Furthermore, be sure to rid your work space of stray coffee cups, books and other clutter. Ensuring that you are presenting yourself online with a professional, tidy background will make all the difference to how you are perceived by your conversant. If you are working from home temporarily (by choice or due to the difficulty of arranging childcare) then you may be uncertain about viability of the arrangement. If you’re concerned you’re out of the loop when away from your normal working environment, try using the technology available to you to engage with colleagues and clients. 54% of professionals think that if you’re not able to meet in person, desktop video conferencing is the next best thing. Connect with others by setting up a free conference call with a potential client or the team back in the office. The face-to-face engagement of a video call is just as effective as meeting in person when building working relationships. While working from home during the school holidays will prove trying at times, you can minimise stress by utilising video conferencing software. By scheduling a specific time for a free conference call, presenting yourself well online, and reconnecting with colleagues and clients, there’s no reason that working from home should affect your output, availability or reputation.

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Stay productive over Christmas using video conferencing

The Christmas period is a busy time for everyone. Whether organising family dinners, staff Christmas parties, or simply finding time to relax and indulge in some festive treats, we push ourselves to the limit over the holidays. On top of all of this, many people still have to juggle their regular workload alongside their festive commitments. An estimated 900,000 people work on Christmas day itself.

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2016 round up

As we march towards 2017, we thought we’d take some time to reflect on LyteSpark’s achievements and over the last year. 2016 has been an incredible year for LyteSpark, and our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Here’s a short round up of some of the press coverage LyteSpark has received.

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Times Means Money: the Top 10 Business Timesavers

The pressures of our ever increasing workloads and busy lifestyles have severely impacted our ability to separate work from personal life. In the last two years alone, stress has accounted for 37% of all work-related ill health cases, and for 45% of all sick days taken in the UK. The 9 to 5 lifestyle no longer seems to apply in a world where we can always be contactable through our phones, tablets and computers. Trying to get to grips with a busy schedule can feel like a never-ending struggle; time slips away before you’ve made any impact on your to-do lists. Everyone works differently, so finding ways to work that suit you and your lifestyle helps to alleviate stress. Here are some tips and tricks to improve efficiency, and save time.

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First Video Interview? Here’s How to Smash It

It’s a brave new world we’re living in – one where we have more choices and more opportunities on offer than ever before. While once, applying for a job in a far-off city was a wearing and anxiety-inducing process which could involve travelling long-haul to several interviews at your own expense, now it’s as simple as sitting down opposite someone on camera. Of course, this throws up a whole new set of problems (am I the only one who becomes mesmerized by my own face on webcam, rather than whoever I’m talking with?), but overall, it’s immensely convenient.

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First impressions count: meeting people over video conferencing

It can be a tough decision to make; do you want to meet someone for the first time in person or via an online meeting. Everyone will have their own preference as to what they think will work best and many factors will help you to make this decision. If you decide that meeting via the internet is best for you, there are a few hints and tips that will help you to make the perfect first impression.

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Featuring: End Call

Let’s face it sometimes you have to be tough. Maybe an interview has gone on too long, or one person has crossed the line on a conference call. Or, perhaps the person you’re speaking too doesn’t spot the big blue ‘Leave Room’ button. For whatever reason we have developed the tool of last resort –  the ‘End Call’ button.

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