LyteSpark for Slack, the Easiest Way to Connect Your Team

Keeping in contact with your team is a crucial element of running a successful collaborative project. Slack can help you do just that; by keeping all of your team’s conversations in one place, with the added options of public and private channels, using Slack is an easy and time efficient way to organise your team. Even better, LyteSpark can be integrated with Slack, enabling you to engage with your team through instant video chats. The LyteSpark app pulls together an easy to use interface with attractive aesthetics, making the app easy to install: simply click the Add to Slack button on the Slack App page on our site and authorize the integration of LyteSpark with your Slack team. Once the app has been installed, you can type /LyteSpark into any channel to begin a video call.

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First Video Interview? Here’s How to Smash It

  It’s a brave new world we’re living in – one where we have more choices and more opportunities on offer than ever before. While once, applying for a job in a far-off city was a wearing and anxiety-inducing process which could involve travelling long-haul to several interviews at your own expense, now it’s as simple as sitting down opposite someone on camera. Of course, this throws up a whole new set of problems (am I the only one who becomes mesmerized by my own face on webcam, rather than whoever I’m talking with?), but overall, it’s immensely convenient. So convenient, in fact, that video-interviews aren’t just used for long-distance selection processes any more – they’re becoming an easy way for employers to get a feel for you early on in the interview process.

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First impressions count: meeting people over video conferencing

It can be a tough decision to make; do you want to meet someone for the first time in person or via an online meeting. Everyone will have their own preference as to what they think will work best and many factors will help you to make this decision. If you decide that meeting via the internet is best for you, there are a few hints and tips that will help you to make the perfect first impression.

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Featuring: End Call

Let’s face it sometimes you have to be tough. Maybe an interview has gone on too long, or one person has crossed the line on a conference call. Or, perhaps the person you’re speaking too doesn’t spot the big blue ‘Leave Room’ button. For whatever reason we have developed the tool of last resort –  the ‘End Call’ button.

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