Here you’ll find answers to some of the questions we get asked the most.

  1. What makes Lytespark different?

There’re loads of reasons that LyteSpark stands out from the others. To start, your meeting rooms are permanent – yours forever and fully customisable. You don’t need to download any software to get started (just have an up to date browser). LyteSpark is also free for small teams with unlimited meetings for life. We also offer great integrations with the likes of Slack and Google Docs to make your meetings even more efficient

  1. How long can I use LyteSpark for free?

Forever. We don’t limit the amount of time that you can use LyteSpark for free, however, as your team grows you may want to upgrade so that you can have more rooms and all your team members using the same service.

  1. What are the benefits of a paid account?

With a paid account you can give everyone in your team a host license under the same account. You’ll get 100 rooms instead of 5. This means you can assign rooms to particular clients. You won’t have to reuse room so there’s no need to clean the room between meetings.screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-12-33-51


  1. How many people can I talk with at once?

The maximum number of people in one room at once is 6. Try talking with more than 6 around a table and you’ll see why we’ve set this limit!

  1. Do the people that I talk to need an account?

No they don’t. Only you, as the host, need an account.

6. Can I record my meetings?

At the moment you can’t record your meetings. Quite a few of our customers have requested this feature so we are planning to introduce it in the near future.

7. How do I invite attendees?link

Simply copy the room URL and share in the most convenient way – email, instant messenger or send a calendar invite.

  1. How many rooms can I have?

If you’re using the free plan you can use up to 5 rooms, using the office plan you can use up to 100.

  1. How secure is a LyteSpark online meeting?

Your rooms, files and other data are protected behind a set of security mechanisms: You can lock your room so that people can’t enter without your exclusive permission. You can set a password to your room to enhance the security further. At any time you are able to clean the whole room with one click.

The Platform uses HTTPS (Text over SSL) encrypted transport between the user client and LyteSpark. The data is encrypted in real-time and delivered via Websockets over SSL. We do not store any sensitive user data. Video conferences use secure peer-to-peer connections without passing through any central server. We use native WebRTC – Unique UDP/TCP connection between IPs. This means no-one, other than the peers connected and appearing in the video conference, has any access to the stream.

  1. How secure are the documents?

Documents are available in two places – on an owner’s dashboard and in the room. If you don’t want someone to see a document that’s already in a room, then you have two options – prevent them from entering the room (by adding a password or locking the room) or remove the document by archiving it. To archive all document is a room in one go you an also use the “clean room” function.

  1. How private are my private notes?

Private notes are completely private. Only you can access them from within a room or from your dashboard.

12. Can I get the files back that I clean from the room?files

When you clean a room you simply archive the files within it. You, as the host, can get view these files back at any time from your dashboard.

13. What happens if my internet isn’t very strong?

If your internet isn’t very strong. LyteSpark gives you the option to use voice only instead of video. This reduces the bandwidth requirements enable you to have a conversation without interruption.

  1. Can I get a personalised URL?

This is something that we have had a lot of requests for and will be introducing in the near future.

  1. Can I schedule a meeting and notify others?sched

You can schedule a meeting and will be reminded of this on your own dashboard. To notify others, cut and paste the link and send to the other attendees. If you would like them to be reminded we suggest sending the meeting link inside your preferred calendar system (such as outlook or Google Calendar).

16. Can people enter my room anytime once they have the link?

Yes, the meeting room is permanent so anybody that you have shared the link with can re-enter. However if you use ‘Lock & Knock’ attendees must knock and wait for your permission before entering.

  1. Why should I integrate LyteSpark with slack?

Integrating LyteSpark with Slack gives you an extra dimension when instant messaging. You can type a quick command into slack, /lytespark, to start an online meeting with any of your team. If you are a user of Slack it’s a great way to improve communication without needing to leave the environment. Go to our Slack page to get started.

  1. Can I use LyteSpark on my mobile?

We have an iOS app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to both host and attend meetings. The normal LyteSpark website already works on Android.

  1. Can I use LyteSpark in any browser?

LyteSpark can be used on up to date versions of Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer (Safari and Internet Explorer require a small plug in). We are also working on supporting LyteSpark on Edge.

  1. To what extent can I personalise my rooms?mr-settings

You can change the room title, the background, and of course the company logo. You are able to turn the enhanced meeting tools on or off. You can use Lock & Knock (or a password) to control entrance. All of these features are available from the room settings.

21. How do I get in touch with LyteSpark?

If you have a question, a query or any feedback, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.